Magnet Office


MAGNET Office’s base software lets you combine plans and survey data to build 3D digital-terrain models for site survey and machine control. A common file can be directly shared between machine operators, GPS instruments, grade checkers and project stakeholders for a better-connected project team.

The Site Prep module offers design tools for roads, trenches, corridors, intersections, material takeoff, and road resurfacing. The module also helps calculate and visualize material allocations. Tight integrations with 3DMC, Pocket3D, and Sitelink3D enable machine control data management, grade checking, Smoothride, and other Topcon construction workflows. 

The Survey module includes tool sets for surveying and drafting property plots, subdivision designs, and land-development projects. MAGNET Tools allows post-processing and adjusting field-survey data collection from total stations, GNSS equipment, and digital levels. MAGNET Tools also lets you visualize field work in Google Earth™ and directly export the data to popular 3D CAD software.


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