Magnet Enterprise

The heart of MAGNET Enterprise is a web browser environment that runs with individual windows or Widgets which allow complete configuration of how you like to work, so that you have what you need, where and when you need it.  All it takes is a web browser to communicate, collaborate, and exchange data.

Features and Benfits 

  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Geo-referenced projects for team-based collaboration
  • Exchange data between project site and office in real time
  • Track unlimited projects (based on available storage)
  • Asset Manager tracks your entire inventory of instruments
  • Live Chat with multiple members simultaneously
  • View survey results of points and lines on top of Google MapĀ® imagery

Sample scenario. During the early phases of a project, perhaps just a phone call with an idea, the place to start is in MAGNET Enterprise.

It is common for the project manager, while still on the phone, to quickly launch a web browser and log in to their private Company Account using the MAGNET Enterprise website. Then open both the Data Manager and Map widgets.

Within the Map widget, simply type in a street address of where the project will be. Or at least close to where it will be. Then, with a crisp Google Earth satellite image in the background, zoom in and pan around to where you want to the geographic location of the Project to actually reference.

Four things to know about Projects within the MAGNET system:

  • Projects have location. Common to start with a street address then graphically click anywhere on a map to declare a new project's location. ..perhaps over a building, over the pixel of where a control monument is, or in an open field where the project will commence. Click and go.
  • Projects dictate permission. In a Company Account, not everybody see everything. Makes sense. Through a Project, managers can declare which co-workers will be associated / excluded. Those that are not associated will not even "see" the Project. Those that are, will instantly be able to collaborate from anywhere in the world.
  • Projects are containers.  Pretty straight forward here.  Projects are similar to Folders within a computer's operating system where files can be stored and shared.  Safe and secure Cloud storage to serve as a central repository for all team members.
  • Projects drive a Real-Time session.  Through the MAGNET system of software solutions, data can be collected at a project site and then streamed to any co-worker or manager anywhere in the world in real time.  Real Time.  If a robotic total station is spinning out angles and distances, or if a rover receiver is actively hosted within a Real Time GNSS Network, or if you are using your own base and rover RTK system.  All data collection methods can steam data directly from the project site.  Either managers or office technicians can then see three dimensional linework and point symbols appear instantly.

Over time, a manager is then able to quickly and graphically manage their projects using any web browser, within any computer, anywhere in the world.


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