Our curb and gutter solutions lay down clear boundaries without stakes and string lines. Choose from GNSS, laser-based, robotics systems, or a combination designed to support the ways and environments in which you work.

LPS Curb Machine at Roper LaserLPS Curb Machine

Our LPS paver system delivers the most accurate data to your curber or paver’s control system, without interruption. This sub-centimeter solution confidently communicates through multiple robotic total stations to an onboard radio hub via long-range Bluetooth® LongLink technology.






Millimeter Curb Machine at Roper LaserMillimeter Curb Machine

Millimeter GPS is exclusive to Topcon. Whether you are pouring curb, paving runways or mainline, this technology will increase the precision and efficiency of your curber, concrete pavers and other heavy equipment. It leverages GNSS for horizontal accuracy and a rotating laser for vertical accuracy. In fact, the same laser can simultaneously control multiple machines and provide elevation feedback to grade checkers.

Watch the video: MM Curb Machine


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