Motor Grader Millimeter GPS

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Millimeter GPS (mmGPS) combines the strengths of GNSS and Laser Technologies for accuracy gains up to 300% over GPS-only systems, while allowing multiple machines and rovers to operate in the same work zone using the same laser network. .GPS is relatively accurate in determining a machine’s horizontal or surface position on a jobsite. Laser technology is well-suited for calculating the vertical position of the machine's blade, screed, or drum. 

  • World's first millimeter accurate GPS system, up to 300% more accurate than standard GPS
  • Laser Zone transmitter provides precise vertical measurement area 600m in diameter, 10m in height
  • Works with existing Topcon GPS+ systems
  • Multiple rover support machine or pole mounted
  • Lower investment - one system works for rough and finish grade
  • Grade to tighter tolerances and eliminate high cost material overruns
  • Finish grade 24/7 even with minimal satellite cover

Motor Grader LPS

LPS Robotic Grader - When satellites are not an option LPS_Motor-Grader_Illustration.jpg   

When a higher-accuracy solution is required, or satellite access is prevented by heavy tree cover, buildings, tunnels, or other jobsite structures, LPS (Local Positioning Systems) can use total stations to provide precise location and height information. 

  • Standard robotic total station
  • Total station accuracy
  • 100% slope control sensor
  • Simple, fact conversion between GNSS and LPS
  • Re-acquire prism lock directly from control box screen

As it tracks the machine/prism, the Total Station maintains exact machine position / grade information per an internally loaded digital site plan. Grade adjustments are then transmitted to the machine 20 times per second via radio from the Total Station. It’s simple, reliable, and the perfect alternative when GPS reception is limited. Compatible with Topcon’s machine mounted GPS grade control components, it’s a quick and easy change to swap LPS for GPS and keep productivity to a maximum.

  • Topcon XTRAC prism tracking technology 
  • 20Hz update rate
  • Long range 2.4Ghz interference free radio
  • Insures all your jobsites have 3D control 24/7 High accuracy for tight tolerance projects Simple & fast conversion between LPS and GPS communication


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