+_mmGPS-Milling_F_20121101_0001.jpgMM GPS Milling Machine

Topcon's Millimeter GPS System is the World's First GPS based millimeter accurate control for milling machines. Topcon's revolutionary Lazer Zone™ technology based, Millimeter GPS uses GPS positioning together with a zone laser reference to give you unparalleled freedom and productivity. Topcon’s Millimeter GPS Milling has the simplicity of a laser, accuracy of a robotic total station, and multiple user capabilities of GPS. Streamline your workflow and enjoy far greater efficiency with our millimeter-accurate GNSS milling solution with automatic steering. Now you can use the same site plan as every other crew on the job while accessing the same GNSS controls. And you can mill to an offset from final paved surface, thus allowing for even-weighted lifts for material savings and improved performance. 


Features and Benefits
  • High accuracy LaserZone™ covers the entire project
  • Provides precise vertical measurement for multiple machines and grade checkers
  • Use up to four transmitters to extend work area
  • Pave transitions,even through horizontal and vertical curves
  • Works with existing Topcon GPS+ systems

Watch the Video: MM Milling



Smoothride Solution 

The SmoothRide Modern Road Resurfacing System is purpose built for road resurfacing applications, where precise point data is collected with RD-M1 (Realistic Dimension - Mapping One) Road Resurfacing Scanner.  From the office to the field the design comes to life with RD-MC Control where paving and milling machines are guided with GNSS and Sonic tracker sensors for full 3D automation - delivering variable thickness paving and variable depth paving results. 


Features and Benefits
  • Fully automated system with GNSS and Sonic Tracker control 
  • Fully automated system with GNSS and Sonic Tracker control
  • Delivers accurate thickness boundaries while maintaining projected yield
  • Eliminates the need for strings, skis, and lasers
  • Easy surface data management and design
  • Safely collect at speed without lane closures

Watch the vidoe: Smoothride


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