3DMC Max Dozer

3D MCMAX roper3D-MC_MAX_Dozer_Illustration.jpgGX-55_Front-Dozer_S_20210618_0001.png

Redefine the capabilities of your dozer. The 3D-MCMAX system uses MC2+ IMU Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) sensors that enable you to blade faster and smarter, without the need of a mast.

The increased response time with our MC2+ IMU's working together enables you to make tighter turns, cut smoother grades, and expand your work potential beyond normal automated dozing applications.

  • Grade on any slope with rapid blade response times
  • Mastless, no more daily set up and take down procedure
  • No blade bouncing
  • Dual antenna configurations
  • Supports 4-way, 6-way, fixed and pitch enabled blades
  • Perform detailed as-builts with “bottom of the track” data

Watch the video:  3DMC MAX Componenets

Watch the video: 3DMC Max dozer

3DMC Max Brochure: 3DMC Max Dozer


MC-MAX Excavator

3D Excavator System - Accelerate your excavating in 3D X63 Excavator IllustrationGX-55_Right-Excavator_S_20210618_0001.png

MC-Max Excavator can be set up to use its bucket to take topo shots, put in automatic control mode to implement designs like a veteran operator and constantly check its own grade work, keeping human grade checkers safely out of trenches and working on other tasks.A 2D solution will provide the guidance you need and the freedom to dig on your terms. On the other hand, if you need to precisely know your grade and where on the site you are positioned, putting MC-Max in 3D automatic-mode will keep you on-grade and tracking the design file without over- or under-excavating.

MC-MAX Excavator brochure: MC-MAX Excavator

MC-MAX Excavator video: MC-MAX Excavator


3DMC Motor Grader

3D MC2 Grader F 20121101 0003 3D-MC_Motor-Grader-Twin-Antenna_Illustration.jpgGX-55_Left-MotorGrader_S_20210618_0001.png

Experience the benefits of field-proven machine control systems and the latest positioning and guidance technologies. One platform brings all standard site positioning solutions and different machine types together. 3D-MC increases your bottom line on road building, site work, contour grading, or any other complex surface grading projects. We successfully integrate 3D technology into site production workflows, providing first-class material handling and simplified grading. 3D-MC keeps your operators productive, safe and in control. 

  • Flexibly use GPS + GLONASS and LPS (total station)
  • Significant increase in grading productivity 
  • Minimize staking 
  • Easily keep jobs on grade 

Watch the video: 3DMC Grader


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