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Twice the speed, twice the accuracy for Bulldozers/Crawlers

Shatter the final 3D automation production barrier-SPEED!

  • Increase speeds up to 200%
  • Smoothness and Grading Accuracy comparable to Motorgraders
  • Easy upgrade from MC-R3/GX-60 systems--Slope sensor and cable change
  • Same Easy-To-Use interface as previous Topcon Machine Automation Systems
  • GX-60 Graphical Display: 650mhz, Windows XP OS, Bluetooth Wireless technology, USB Memory Support, Ambient Light Sensor, Internal Backup Battery.

Operate at higher speeds with smoother results

From its inception, Topcon's GPS+GLONASS 3D-GPS+ technology has dramatically increased bulldozer/crawler productivity due to it's positioning accuracy, maximum up-time, and the ability to allow multiple machines to work from a single base station. Now Topcon's 3D-MC² takes 3D-GPS+ machine control to a whole new level making your bulldozer/crawler a high-speed finishing tool!

The secret to 3D-MC² increased grade performance is a combination of a revolutionary new 3D-MC² sensor with a superior new hydraulic interface. Using Topcon's familiar operator interface, 3D-MC² is an easy upgrade to your existing GX-60 based machine automation system.

3D-MC² will drastically change the role your bulldozer/crawler plays on a typical job site, in some cases it may even replace the need for a Motorgrader. It also means more efficient use of your bulldozer/crawler. As speeds increase, more work can be done in less time. That means less machine operating time translating in to less fuel, less wear on a machine and most importantly, more time that can be spent working on other areas or jobsites.

How it works

3D-MC² combines Topcon's GX-60 control box, GPS+ antenna and MC-R3 receiver and innovative new inertial sensor and pairs them with advanced new controlling software to provide an overall system 10 times more responsive than previous 3D control bulldozer/crawlers. This new configuration measuers the X, Y, Z position as well as the roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration of the dozer to provide the most stable and responsive control system possible.

The Topcon 3D-MC² advantage

Fine grading with a bulldozer/crawler has been typically done in first gear. Not anymore. Now you can move more material at higher speeds and at a tighter accuracy with one machine. That's the Topcon advantage.

You have to see it to believe it...

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